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Game Downloads

The files on this page contain the rules, extensive information about the setting, and everything else you need to play the game... with the exception of a ten-sided dice. Frightfully sorry about that.

The bundle download

Ministry .ZIP bundle v1.5.1, updated 3rd May 2022 (21.8MB)

Download this .ZIP archive for a copy of almost everything on this page. This has the added advantage of preserving the original filenames.


Included in this bundle:

  • The rules

  • The background information

  • the GM guide

  • Two sample missions

Not included in this bundle:

  • The character sheets or sample characters, since these all exist online and are linked below.

Core Book

The Rules v1.5.1 (1.6MB) updated 3rd May 2022this PDF contains all the rules you need to play.

  • Character creation

  • Game rules

  • Fully bookmarked and indexed for ease of use.

The World of Ministry (9.9MB): this PDF contains information about the setting.

  • Britain in 1941 and paranormal law enforcement.

  • Storyteller background section: the Thule Society, and other foes.

  • Fully bookmarked and indexed for ease of use.

Storyteller's Resources (6.5MB): this PDF contains resources for the GM, including:

  • Advice on running a roleplay game.

  • Sample NPCs, and advice on creating your own.

  • Advice and rules for creating monsters, including a sample monster: the Cockatrice.

  • Quick-fire scenario concepts to help spawn ideas.

  • Fully bookmarked and indexed for ease of use.

Digital Resources

Auto-calculating character sheet v2: over time we've found digital character sheets to be easier to create and maintain than paper ones. Creating your own copy of this Google Sheet enables you to make and maintain your own character!

  • Formatted with PCs/tablets in mind by default, but with additional auto-updating sheets for reading your character comfortably from your phone screen as well.

  • Contains a README sheet with guidance on adapting it for pure phone usage.

  • Includes rules for standard Ministry weaponry.

Logo v3 small transparent.png

Sample charactersif you'd like to jump straight into a gaming session, or are simply curious to see what's possible and didn't spot the drop-down link in the menu, click here to go to the sample characters page.

Logo v3 small transparent.png

Printable PDF Resources

Blank character sheet v1.3

  • One double-sided sheet designed to be printed out and used by those with a preference for pencils.

  • Contains the list of kit issued to teams of Ministry field agents.

Action scene reference sheet v1.5

  • One double-sided sheet covering most of what's needed for action scenes.

  • First page: the summary of actions.

  • Second page: melee actions.

Evocation card deck v1.1

If you're playing as an evocationist, this PDF can be printed onto card and cut out for use in-game, making the use of your powers more intuitive and visual.

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