The future of the game

Up until the end of 2021, my main focus has been working on the ruleset to my satisfaction. I'll continue to implement improvements as I think of them (or as they're suggested by players).

The long-term goal is a beautiful, fully illustrated book. That takes a lot of time and money that I don't have! The plan is to get there with small, iterative steps. Originally I planned to do a crowdfunding campaign, but after some lengthy conversations with industry insiders, I don't think my day job gives me the time needed to make that work.

The next port of call, then, is to make a small sellable product with a higher level of visual appeal than that offered by the PDFs currently available on this site. The intention is to try and make a quickstart version of the rules, with one or two pieces of artwork commissioned for it - probably out of my own pocket!

This quickstart guide will be sold on DriveThruRPG, and whatever meagre sales it makes will go straight back into commissioning more illustrations while I work on prettying up the main ruleset, since it's an unavoidable truth that if you want a product to do well, it needs to look the part.

In the interim, please feel free to approach me on social media with queries or even just a natter about the game and how it's going.


Charlie Brassley, Nov 2021