The future of the game

1. Build a community

For the rest of our plan to succeed, we need to encourage people to try it out and sing its praises! We'll cheerfully engage with anyone who contacts us on social media, and will endeavour to wave the project under the e-noses of Youtubers and podcasters so as to spread the word. Once we've reached critical mass, it's time to...

2. Launch a crowdfunding campaign

The basic goal of funding will be to hire a graphic designer, and to produce illustrations. We're still in two minds about the details, but producing a physical book is very much part of the plan. If we're only moderately successful, that will probably look like a print on demand service, but if we're surprisingly successful we might be able to bring the unit cost down by getting a larger print run. We haven't set a date, since there's no point launching a campaign when no-one's heard of us! Patience and enthusiasm shall be our watchwords.

3. Produce the full release edition

Production contains two elements: layout and flavour text. We've tried to keep the pre-release PDF rules stripped down, but we'd like to liven up the book with in-fiction snippets to help bring the storyworld to life. We'll be producing those fictional snippets prior to the crowdfunding campaign, so if and when we hit our funding goal, there won't be any delay in getting the book laid out.

4. Supplements!

If the launch of Ministry is successful (or at least semi-successful), we can start to produce further content. Among other things, these would include a bestiary of monsters for GMs to terrorise their players with, further expansions of magic, an armoury that provides more detail on the weapons and vehicles of the 1940s, and of course pre-made campaigns. If there are particular kinds of supplements people are interested in, we will of course be receptive to the community at large.