Sample Missions

This page contains a selection of sample missions for inspiration and, if you want, to try the game with minimal set-up time. We'll be adding more over time, with the newest at the bottom.

  • Given that the game is still in pre-release, we're assuming that the GM has run a tabletop roleplaying game before. That said, Case File 1 assumes the GM hasn't run Ministry before.

  • Rules for equipment, Oddnesses and the special abilities of NPCs, where possible, are included inside the case file to minimise the need to look things up in the rulebook.

Case File 1: A Rum Do on Mill Road

  • Ideal for a seasoned GM running a game for people new to Ministry and/or TTRPGs.

  • In the absence more experienced agents, the Department of the Impossible's newest team is sent to investigate a series of magical miscasts in Cambridge.

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