The Changelog

In the interests of transparency, this page tracks any significant changes we make, both to this website and to the files in the Game Downloads section. The most recent change appears right underneath this message.

7th April 2020

ZIP bundle v1.0 now available

In the interests of convenience, everything in the Downloads sections can be acquired with a single click, courtesy of a .ZIP archive. This has the added advantage of preserving filenames (where previously Wix had full sway over any downloadable asset on the site).​

Evocation cards v1.1

The rules in the previous printable evocation cards (v1.0) were a touch out of date. Additionally some formatting tweaks and additional images should make the cards even more intuitive. These new cards have, of course, been included in the .ZIP bundle.

31st March 2020

Errata fix on Character Sheet PDF, spreadsheet & kit list

It transpires that some devil had used time travel to insert a radio telephone into the list of team kit, despite the fact that the device wasn't invented until 1946. Suffice to say, this nonsense has now been fixed.

New versions of the affected files can be downloaded here.

11th February 2020

Additional guidance on ritual magic

While watching a livestream of the game, it became apparent that the rules could be clearer in describing how, if at all, player characters can use ritual magic. The Rules have therefore been updated to pre-release version 1.3 and now contain additional guidance on the subject.

What with rituals being dangerous procedures that often require barbaric ingredients, they're intended primarily for use by NPCs. We have, however, included some guidance for what to do if you're trying to create a character who might know one or two rituals. Additionally, this means that the one ritual the Ministry considers 'safe' to use - the Circle - is presented in a document intended to be read by players (whereas the other documents are aimed more at GMs).

4th February 2020

Melee rules overhaul

A number of significant tweaks to the melee system.

  • The decision to back away from a fight is made before the attacker makes their roll, so you have to commit or leg it based on how dangerous they seem, not on how they rolled.

  • The melee flow chart has been overhauled. Melee score was being used in a very top-down way; now it's only used in  regular attacks. This means the attacking, grappling and sneak attack sections are much more self-contained.

  • Melee is now slightly more dangerous. A dreadful failure whilst attacking now gives your target a chance to hurt you!

Hopefully this has made things a smoother, clearer, and more intuitive. If you have thoughts, questions, or notice any issues with this new version, let us know!

Both the Actions summary and Rules document have been updated in Game Downloads.

10th December 2019

Case File 2 uploaded

Our second downloadable mission is here, and it's a grisly investigation about a missing boy and an aquatic creature known as Jenny Greenteeth. It can be found in the Sample Missions section of the Game Downloads page.

20th August 2019

Character sheet errata

It seems the secretarial brownies escaped from their cages on level 2, and have been making little tweaks to the blank character sheets in the downloads section, specifically with the melee weapon tables. These have now been fixed and updated to version 1.1.

25th June 2019

Melee tweaks

While there was nothing specifically wrong with the Melee action flow chart, we felt the layout and wording could be clearer, specifically with regards to emphasising the importance of reach and the way the attacker's initial Melee roll debuffs the defender.

As such, we've uploaded a new version of the Rules and a new version of the Action Scene Reference Sheet, both of which can be found on the Game Downloads page.

A happy bonus of this is that there was a glitch with the way the Melee section appears in the auto-generated index, and this has now been fixed.

13th June 2019

Sample characters errata

Several errors were present on the template used for the sample characters. Specifically, several of the melee weapons displayed the wrong Reach stat and were lacking their attributes, prompting a rather awkward coughing fit from Chapter House's secretarial staff.


There was also a typo in the entry for the Bren Gun that stated the character should "fire print," when instead they should "fire prone" like a normal person. Agents are not advised to fire print, as the Ministry will not cover their stationary expenses.