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Sample Characters

This page contains a selection of sample characters for inspiration and, if you wish, to pick up a character and try the game with minimal set-up time. We'll be adding more over time, with the newest at the bottom.

  • These characters are designed to be viewed on a PC/tablet or on your phone. They are Google Sheets, to make it easy to customise or adapt them if you want to. See the sheet's README tab for further guidance.

  • Pre-written backstories provided on the sheet.

  • Rules for Oddnesses and special abilities, where possible, included in the sheet.

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Rani Huq, the spiritualist medium

  • Not one but two oddnesses: Rani is both a medium and a psychometrist.

  • Great for players with a flair for the dramatic: Rani was a renowned occult performer, but she has had to leave that life behind following a gruesome tragedy.

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Dr Joseph Grayson, the veteran surgeon

  • Dr Grayson is a solid team medic and excellent when investigating grisly crime scenes.

  • A veteran of the British Expeditionary Force's ill-fated attempt to stop the Nazi blitzkrieg in France.

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Thomas William Mitchell, the toff with contacts

  • An all-rounder with good political connections and some aptitude for violence.

  • After a series of squandered opportunities handed to him on a silver platter, Mr Mitchell has finally decided to apply himself to something.

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Moira McGee, the factory worker with a nose for liars

  • Being an aura reader, Moira is unsurprisingly good at sniffing out the truth.

  • Moira was discovered by the Ministry after helping the authorities foil a bomb plot by a ring of Nazi spies. The Ministry suspects she may become a top-notch investigator.

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