Sample Characters

This page contains a selection of sample characters for inspiration and, if you wish, to pick up a character and try the game with minimal set-up time. We'll be adding more over time, with the newest at the bottom.

  • Pre-written backstories provided on the sheet.

  • Rules for oddnesses and special abilities, where possible, included in the sheet.

  • N.B. to make room for the backstories and special abilities, we had to remove the agent kit list! If you're using these characters, you might want to head to the Game Downloads page and get the kit list separately.

Rani Huq, the spiritualist medium

  • Not one but two oddnesses: Rani is both a medium and a psychometrist.

  • Great for players with a flair for the dramatic: Rani was a renowned occult performer, but she has had to leave that life behind following a gruesome tragedy.

Dr Joseph Grayson, the veteran surgeon

  • Dr Grayson is a solid team medic and excellent when investigating grisly crime scenes.

  • A veteran of the British Expeditionary Force's ill-fated attempt to stop the Nazi blitzkrieg in France.

Thomas William Mitchell, the toff with contacts

  • An all-rounder with good political connections and some aptitude for violence.

  • After a series of squandered opportunities handed to him on a silver platter, Mr Mitchell has finally decided to apply himself to something.

Moira McGee, the factory worker with a nose for liars

  • Being an aura reader, Moira is unsurprisingly good at sniffing out the truth.

  • Moira was discovered by the Ministry after helping the authorities foil a bomb plot by a ring of Nazi spies. The Ministry suspects she may become a top-notch investigator.